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Infra Red and Camera Choice

09/02/2008 23:55

While out recently I came across a scene that I thought would make an interesting IR shot. I have not done any IR shots since I got my New Camera and took a little bit of time exploring the possibilites and how well it compared to my older Camera in this Regard.First off, from experience with my E-300 and taking IR shots with an R72 filter, I knew I lose about 5 or 6 stops of light when taking an IR shot compared to visible light.

First things first, was to set eveything up on the Tripod and take a reference colour shot

The reference shot was done  @23mm, f5, 1/80sec @160 ISO.

So the next thing I did was to decrease the shutter speed by 5 stops - down to 1/4sec. and put the R72 filter in place.

When I took the shot I was quite surprised to see that it was severly under-exposed.  It was literally black on the screen and the histogram was right over to the left. There was simply no detail to be had!

Naturally, I started further increasing the shutter speed until I got an acceptable looking histogram.

The final photo that I took was at  15 seconds or 10 1/3 Stops away from my visible image!

I was hoping for and managed to acheive the almost white translucent look to the leaves on the foreground tree.

I still had to push the Processing of this image pretty hard to bring out the detail in it, and it would have been better if I had done an even longer exposure around 30 seconds or more.

As it was, I was real lucky that there was not any wind around or it would have ruined the IR version with swaying trees.

Now, whilest my new Olympus E-3  camera is far more advanced and really so much better than my E-300 in almost every way, having to bump the exposer by at least 10ev to do IR is certainly not very practical.  It looks like that for now, the E-300 will be something that I will be keeping as I have found a real use for it.

With my discovery it leads me to wonder how many of the newer DSLR cameras are any good for shooting IR or if this is something that the older cameras still excel at.


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