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Same scene, different perspective

08/24/2008 20:37

When you are out taking photos you don't always realise that a very small change in what you are doing can bring about a vastly different image.  Well, it happened to me when I was out and about and the results - well look for yourself!I was set up with a long lens taking a photo up a little stream after it had been raining.  The photos were taken from a tripod.

I wanted to capture the water moving down over each section of rocks and was pretty happy with what I managed to get.

While I was setting up the shot, my AF locked onto something else in the shot. I moved the focus back to where I wanted it (the shot above) but then came back to capture the scene where the only change was the focal point.

Yes, the very fine line of that single dead plant is what managed to grab my AF, and by coming back to it as the focal point it just changed the scene in a totally different way.  What I liked about this was that even though I was shooting @200mm focal lengh and at such a long lenght you normally get a lot of compression, this particular shot with the focus on a foreground element almost removes the whole compression effect.  The blurred stream in the background starts to look like it is a long way away unlike the first photo where it is all compressed quite nicely.

Both photos were shot  at 100ISO, F3.5, 1/80sec @200mm as already noted.  Changing nothing but the Focal point has totally changed the photo.  I do not find that I like one over the other, but what I do find interesting is that with just a seemingly simply change that the overall effect is quite dramatic.


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