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Rural Panorama

05/15/2008 21:26

I have just found the time to get around to processing several photos I took a couple of months ago. The photos were taken as a panorama image and I have finally joined them all together to create the 1 image.

The Web-szied image I ended up with is around 260K in file size and 2715 x 280 pixels. Take a look at the Eden Valley Panorama then take a look at a Google map of the location.

Ok, now you have seen a small sized image I want to discuss how it came to be.

First off, I was shooting with my Olympus E3 and 50-200mm Zoom at 50mm. I took 18 individual photos in portrait orientation and then joined them all together. I metered the whole scen and found an averge that I could deal with, then set the camera to manual and proceeded to shoot the whole scene handheld. Each photo was shot at F10, 1/250sec.

I am quite lazy when it comes to Post Processing and hate having to spend time at it, so I used Auto Pano Pro to produce the stitched image. I simply pointed it at the 18 RAW images and told it to do it's stuff!  After around 10 minutes it had produced a preview image and it looked pretty good, so I sent it to work to produce the full-sized Image.

The Pano covers a 173.8 x 17.93 degrees field of view, and the full sized image is 32772 x 3380 pixels or around 110Megapixels in size! From this, I noted that the un-stitched image is 3648 high and this means I was very accurate right across the whole 18 photos in terms of keeping it level - I had less than 8% that needed cropping off to bring it back to a rectangular shape.

When it came to processing the stitched image I could not simply open it with PSE 5 (Photoshop Elements) ans PSE  will only open files that are a maximum of 30,000 pixels! So, rather than spending another 45minutes rendering the image in APP again I simply opened it with the Gimp. All I used the Gimp for was to resize the image down to 30,000 x 3094 in size then saved it.

Once I had an image that I could open in PSE5 I then simpy did a little bit of processing - I just told it to use Auto smart fix in the enhance menu, made some very minor curves adjustment then finally sharpened it.

Now, my only problem is going to be printing - as the print size of this photo will be approx 31cm x 304cm!  I took a look at the pricelist of the local Pro lab and such a print would set me back $600, so I guess I won't be printing this one. 

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