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Let the pictures tell a story

01/28/2008 02:56

Using a series of photos to tell a story sounds like something that is pretty easy to do. As the theme for Assignment #1 at fourthirdsphoto was to do just this I decided to put together a story in images.

Ok, straigt into the images - which tell a story.

Making Capsules.

Well, the story is pretty obvious - the step by step of making capsules.

Now the assignment suggested 3-6 and I only went 1 over, but I thought it needed the 7 to truly tell the story.

Of course, there was another side to this - the actual taking of the photo's of course.

The "studio" for this shoot was once again very simple. I just set up a piece of neutral coloured wood on a table then put my piece of smoky gray perspex on top of it for my work surface. I choose to use perspex as the background for the reason that it gives a muted reflection. I wanted a shiny, but not to reflective surface and this time the piece of Perspex was a good choice.

I used all natural lighting with indirect light from a nearby large window. The light level was in fact fairly low so long shutter times were needed. The time varied for each shot between 2 seconds and 8 seconds. I also chose to use 100 ISO.

The Camera was set up on a tripod so that it was looking down almost but not quite square to the working surface. I chose to use my 14-54mm lens at 54mm for this shoot. A quick look at and I came up with a required Aperture setting of f9. This gave me around 5cm DOF for my focal length and working distance.

I simply set up the camera, attached the remote calble shutter release and proceded to make the capsules, stopping from time to time in the process to take the photos. I took around 20 shots and then culled it down to the 7 that I chose to tell my story.

So, did the photos tell a story? or did I need to add a few words?

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