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New Camera

01/10/2008 13:31

About a week ago I got a new Camera - I moved up to the Olympus E3 DSLR. The Olympus E3 is the new Flagship pro DSLR and has a whole lot of advanced features compared to my ageing E300 Camera.

I won't go into an in-depth review on it as there are plenty of reviews to be found on the net. What I will say is just a simple statement:

The E3 is a wonderful tool that doesn't get in the way of taking photos.

I have only just started to make use of it and I must say that there has been some huge advances over the last few years. The image quality is excellent as I would expect from Olympus.

I did a simple product type shoot a couple of days ago for someone looking to create a new banner for their website. The task was simple - take a photo of Memory cards on a white background so that they could be incorporated into the Banner.

I simply set up the Memory cards on a white background and took a couple of test photos.  I was using flash and found that the mostly white scene was confusing the metering. I simply bumped up the EC (Exposure Compensation) on the flash to +1.7EV and got a usable shot within a couple of minutes.

My "Studio" was nothing more than my trusty white sheet draped over a lounge chair and a white piece of paper. The finished shot was used to form part of the website logo and the designer was delighted that the photo really suited the purpose.

Now,  I have taken many similar types of photos in the past, but I reacon that the E3 made it very easy to get the desired photo very quickly. The tool is simply better than what I previously used making the job easier!

Once I was done, it was simply a matter of sending off the processed photo so it could be used in the banner on the site. The site is Mr Memory Card - an online Store where you can buy all sorts of Memory Cards - useful for me as I am always buying cards!

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