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Keeping up

11/17/2007 23:09

Since the day that the announcement was made that the folks who wrote Rawshooter software sold out to Adobe I have known that at some point I would have to learn how to use a new software package for my RAW processing.  While the absolute day is not quite here in terms of need it is fast approaching.

With the announcement and some of the inital reports about the new Olympus E3 Pro DSLR camera The time is getting closer.

My current software will not process files from newer cameras and as I will be buying an E3 sometime early next year, so I am starting to force myself how to use Lightroom - which will process my E300 RAW files as well as E3 Raw Files.

For the first time today I spent a bit of time trying to wrangle the beast! and spent around 40 minutes working out how to even import the files from my CF card into the same place and filenames as I currently use.

Once I got thru what is a simple process in RSP, I was ready to try and process some of the images.

The workflow is not quite as intuitave and straight forward as what I am used to, but in the end I did manage to get a result that was acceptable.

For this photo, I was using my current "favourite" lens setup - my 300mmF1.4 + EC14 1.4x Teleconverter - giving me an effective 42mm (84mm as a 35mm equiv) F2.0 lens.

So, while I do have the option of using multiple software packages I am forcing myself to learn how to use what I will soon have no choice but to use. 

Now the photo, I shot this at  f4 at 1/60sec and of course made some adjustments in Lightroom to get to the finished product.

The photo itself is of a carton of wine I bought - but when I opened it I found that 1 bottle had not been capped properly. Yes, I did get a replacement bottle!

I have been waiting for a little while to try and get this photo - as I knew that the lighting would be the breaking point. I took a few shots using flash and they were absolutly awful, so I took the carton outside under the carport in full shade to get what I was looking for.

Anyway, I will not bother anymore with Lightroom today, as I have a bottle of wine (or 12) with my name on them. 

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