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Bay to Birdwood 2007

10/02/2007 04:52

On the last Sunday of September each year we are fortunate to have the Bay to Birdwood wander past us. The B2B is a classic and vintage car run that starts at the Bay and finishes at the National Motor Museum 70km away in Birdwood in the Adelaide hills. The event alternates between classic and Vintage cars and this year it was the Classic run (cars between 30 and 50 years old).

Last year, I positioned myself along the route and put together a gallery of some of my photos - you can take a look at the 2006 Bay to Birdwood Gallery

Just like last year, I positioned myself along the route this year. Unlike last year, This time I found a spot in the hills that gave me a good view of the approaching cars and not too many background distractions. I only had 4 power poles and the back of 1 speed sign between me and the Adelaide Hills.

In 2006 I took around 500 photos and ended up with about 50 in the gallery and only 2 of them made it to prints. This year, I took over 700 photos and only stopped because I ran out of space on all of my Flash Cards! I had to leave before all the 1750 vehicles that entered went past me!

Now A year is a long time and I put a lot of what I have learnt over the last year into taking the photos this time.

I worked with 2 lenses from 4 slightly different positions.  I chose to use my 30mm lens on 1 camera and my 50-200mm on the other Camera.

Where I positioned myself the 30mm was perfect for panning and taking a photo as the cars and motorbikes were square to me - just as they were going past. I could get the whole car in the shot with this lens whilst panning. We were at the end of a short straight in the hills and the cars were going past at around 60-70km/h

My longer zoom was great to capture groups of cars around 100m away as the turned onto the small straight section that I was at the end of, and then zoom out to between 70-110 to fill the frame with a single car as they got closer  and all the while avoiding the power poles in the background as much as possible.

Just next to me there was a small wall about 1.5metres high that I was able to stand on that let me shoot down slightly onto the cars, the rest of the shtos were at varying angles and varying distances from the side of the road. Some shots I got down low for and other I took while standing up. I was real lucky that the spot I picked that nobody else was in sight - giving me free run of the available space.

In the 2 1/2 hours We were there I filled up all of my Flash cards, then headed home to start going thru the photos. If I had another card or 2 I probably could have shot over 1,000 photos.

I must note that I have not finished yet and this was 2 days ago, but I have made a pretty good start. In my first cut, I selected 450/730 photos and from the 450 I then selected my final images for the Gallery of 22 Motorbikes, 12 with multiple cars and 9 Trucks. This has left me with over 400 photos that I still need to go thru in the next day or so. I plan on selecting around 100-120 of these 400 remaining photos for the gallery within the next few days.

At the moment I have some images in the 2007 Bay to Birdwood Gallery that you can take a peek at. All EXIF info is available within the Gallery so you can see for yourself the setting that I used to take each photo.

Now every event I shoot I discover how I could have done things better when I look at the photos and thru to form I did discover just 1 thing that I could have done better. When I was shooting with the 30mm lens I should have shot with a smaller Aperture so I was shooting slower. This would have given me a bit more blur of the background in the panned shots. Only a small thing, but something that I'll keep in mind next time.

If you are into cars then you simply owe it to yourself to see this event - it just seems to get bigger and bigger each year. If you happen to stumble across this post ad you actually participated in the B2B - make sure you look in the Gallery for a photo of your car and if it isn't there, drop me a note and I'll see if I have one of it that didn't make it to the gallery. 

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