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copyright and stuff

09/19/2007 15:59

I had just finished submitting a batch of images over at featurepics -  and as usual I took a quick look over the most recent articles they have on their site under the Photo Club link. I spotted an article that took my interest - it was on copyright and digital images.

The copyright subject is dear to every photographers heart so I read the article and found a link to the Picture Archive council of America.

You might be wondering what the relevence of American Copyright is for someone from Australia - but let me assure you in this day and age, you are not sure where the buyer of your images might be so it is worthwhile to stay informed of all marketplaces.

Their site has a Powerpoint presentation that you can download. Naturally, I downloaded it and took a look at it. The presentation explained in clear, easy to understand terms all the basics. Not only does it cover the basics but cites real world examples including recent court cases on the matter.

I have actually read a lot about copyright in various forums and it seems that the info you get is half-truths and a lot of downright ignorance on behalf of the author. This presentation really sets things straight. Now, I just want to find an equivalent document/presentation for the Australian Market!


I have found an excellent, up to date resource for Australian photographers - written by an ex laywer who is an avid photographer. Take a look at the NSW photographers Rights paper. 

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