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Lens characteristics

09/13/2007 00:01

Last night I went out with a specific subject in mind. To this end, I didn't take my whole kit with me I just took 1 Camera, 2 lenses a flash and a tripod. So, I went out, took a series of photos of the subject from various angles using both lenses and came home.

When I got home, I downloaded all the photos to my Computer and started processing them. The whole reason for going out and shooting was for the monthly photo comp held at

I picked out a photo for the comp and processed it. While I was processing it I discovered an interesting difference between the 2 lenses I was using. Take a look at the 2 photos and see if you can spot what it is...


 Photo #1

 Photo #2

Both Photos were taken from a very similar spot and fairly similar camera settings.

Photo #1 was taken with my 11-22mm lens @22mm - F9.0, 100ISO 4 Seconds

Photo #2 was taken with my 30mm lens - F9.0 100ISO and 13 Seconds

Now, at first the difference between 4 and 13 seconds appears to be a very big margin, but in fact it is only 1.5 stops difference - and it has nothing to do with what I am getting at. The 2nd photo is slightly over-exposed as metering was quite tricky with the spotlights on the trees.

Ok, did you spot it? Well, it was very obvious to me during the Processing. In case you didn't see a difference (other than the slightly different angle) then look at the street light between the 2 trees. The 1st photo taken with the 11-22mm Lens the light has a sort of petal like bursts from it whereas the 2nd photo taken with the 30mm lens has 8 vey distinctive light "bursts" coming from the centre.

I had known that all long exposure photos taken with my Camera using F8 or smaller (larger f number) apertures gave a pleasing starburst effect. This is the first time I have seen a difference between 2 lenses and I will be going out and trying all my lenses at various focal lengths and aperture settings to determine whick lens/length/aperture give the most pleasing starburst effect.


PS - I did not choose either of these 2 photos to enter into the competion, I simply chose these 2 to show the differences as they were the only 2 I had taken from the same spot with each lens.

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