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Golden Light

08/25/2007 07:52

The light in the late afternoon in the last 1-2 hours before sunset is often referred to as the Golden Light. I have never really taken any notice as to why until today.

This evening, while driving home from from the Murray River I finally decided to stop at several points along the way and try and capture some photos of what I see on the journey. I was specifically looking to capture the colours of the season and try and capture the vastness of the country.

I think I managed to get what I wanted, but I also managed to capture a couple of other gems as well. Some of the shots captured what has been pretty elusive to me up until now and that is the wonderful golden light.

Ok, lets just get to a couple of pictures first and then look at them in greater detail.

All 3 of these pictures have a somwhat "warm" look to them - and this is all as a result of the light from the sun that was low on the horizon, with some broken cloud further diffusing it.

The First one, it is clearly visible part way down the tree trunk - the bottom of the tree was in shadow. I used a tripod to capture this shot - it was 1/30sec, 100 ISO, 147mm, F4.5.   I chose a Large Aperture as I only needed a shallow DOF to capture the Tree.

The 2nd photo has a much more golden colour overall - It captures the rural landscape that I was aiming to, but the "golden Light" really brings the photo to life. The long shadows can be seen in this photo.  1/125sec, 100ISO, 90mm, F5.6. I really should have shot this scene with a smaller Aperture, but it would have meant getting out my Tripod to get the photo.

The 3rd photo is by far my favourite - I will be getting an 8x10 print done of this one in the next few days!  It has the wonderful Golden Light on an old Gum tree. You get a sense of the distance to the rolling hills in the distance and the dramatic clouds provide an intersting backdrop.  For this photo, I shot it at 1/100sec, 100ISO, 22mm, f6.3. Even though I only used an aperture of f6.3, when coupled with a wide 22mm focal length, it proveds plenty of DOF to capture the whole scene.

All of these photos were shot in RAW and I did do a little bit of curves, levels and sharpening to them.

Now I have managed to capture these photos, I will be seeking out other scenes during the Golden Hours and hope that I can repeat these results.

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