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Book review time

07/30/2007 04:56

Yes, I am finally getting around to it - reading some books on photography that is!

I have never been one to read books on the subject but after hearing a lot of comments on a particular book I recently added it to my small collection.

Before I get to the particular book, I just want to point out that I only have a very small number of photography books - my favourite being a small 50 page booklet that came with the Janurary (2007) copy of Digital Camera Magazine.

This particular book is titled "composition for photographers" and deals with compositions. (well der!) It deals more with the artistic side of things rather than the technical.

To tell the truth, I don't even have a book that deals with the basics of photography so cannot even make a recommendation in that area.

Ok, lets get onto the books I recently purchased.

  • Understanding Exposure
  • Understanding Digital Photography
  • Learning to see Creatively
  • Digital Photography book - how to make your photos like the pro's

The First 3 books are written by Bryan Peterson and the 3rd book was written by Scott Kelby.

I read the 4 books in the above order, and it was the first one - Understanding Exposure that I had seen referred to so many  times on various Internet Forums and finally went out and bought a copy.

Now, I think it is only fair to comment that I have now been using a Digital SLR for 2 years and feel that I am reasonably competent in using it.

This Book was probably the very best book I have ever read  and after reading it can now understand why everyone keeps saying to get a copy and read it!  It is down to earth and provides information that you can apply to your every day photographic situations.  It truly opened up my eyes on has already helped me to get better photos!

I was able to apply several principals from the book straight away and I must say that by doing so I spent much less time "fixing" the photos after the fact.

On my next trip out with my Camera I applied most of what I learnt from reading the book and it truly was very easy to do and gave me the great results I was looking for. Lets face it, by getting it right in-camera and not relying on our Digital Darkroom to correct our photos.

First, the pictures.  I am just linking to them this time - as you need to view them large to appreciate them.

All of these photos only required a little bit of resizing and sharpening and other than that needed no other processing.

My take on the book is that once you are familiar with the operation of your DSLR and understand how to use your equipment that you should definately buy this book.  I will read it again and again!

That is enough for now, I'll do a review of the other books another day.

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