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A different Look

06/29/2007 23:31

Sometimes it is good just to take a different look at what you see. I went out for a walk to a nearby waterfall today and of course I took some photos.

My Different look comes about because I also took a series of photos using an R72 filter. This filter blocks most of the visible light spectrum and lets you take Near Infared Images.

The (Hoya) R72 filter is a Low-pass filter with a 50% cutoff at 720nm

The visible light spectrum is from around 400nm (violet) to 700nm, and the R72 filter cuts off over 90% at 700nm. The filter is "Near Infrared" as it does let in a very small amount of the visible light spectrum.

So first off, The waterfall as we normally see it - in full living Colour.

I used my Tripod and remote shutter release - the above Photo was shot at F22, ISO 100 1.3 seconds.  Waterfalls always look better if you can shoot them over 1/4sec as the water takes on a nice silky appearance.

Now, I just picked out a section of the waterfall for this shot and took it in Colour (above) ISO 100, F22 1/3 sec. Then, I added the R72 filter and took an (almost) Identical IR exposure - there is a huge difference when using the IR Filter and it was shot at F9 ISO100 with a 6 Sec exposure.

I did a B/W conversion of the file to get the above result. The Actual Image captured by the Camera looks almost red - as the Filter lets in a small amount of red light - and an un-edited version is shown for comparision.

I took another visible/IR comparision of the bottom of the waterfall.

Visible version ISO100, F10 1/2 sec - I just love the "dreamy" look of the very fine water falling into the pool.

IR Version ISO100 F9 25 Seconds -Yes - You will notice that the water is hardly even visible in this shot which makes it very different than if I had simply done a B/W conversion of the colour image. The Grass in the foreground is very bright - unlike the Rocks, I guess that Plants reflect more IR light than Rocks do!

And finally, just a few different IR shots I took of the Waterfall.

I hoped you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking them!

For the Record, these photos are all of the First Falls, Fourth Creek, Morialta Conservation Park which is approx 10km to the East of the Adelaide CBD and a very nice 40 minute walk from the Car parking Area.


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